About Pacific HAC

Established in 2014, Pacific HAC is rapidly increasing its customer base with quality products, services.
Our healthy home product solutions include:
Heat Pumps

  • O2vent Ventilation System, Daikin VRV Ventilator, Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning Heat Pumps

Using the most advanced technology in the world, heat pumps obtain energy from ambient air to heat or cool your home. It is super energy efficient!
O2VENT Positive Pressure Ventilation System utilises fresh outdoor air instead of the frequently used and often stale air found within your roof cavity. The specially designed F7 filter box in the system will block out certain particles (pollen and other dust) before allowing the air into the house. This new air is then dispersed around your home, replacing the old, polluted air, improving your indoor air quality, and creating the most comfortable indoor environment.