About Pacific HAC

Established in 2014, Pacific HAC is rapidly increasing its customer base by quality products, quality services and affordable prices.
Our home heating and indoor air quality management solutions include:
Heat Pumps

  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • Air Conditioning Heat Pumps

Using the most advanced technology in the world, heat pumps obtain energy from ambient air to heat or cool your home. It is super energy efficient!
O2VENT Ventilation Systems
Our ventilation system can provide simultaneous adjustable fresh air flow which controlled by  indoor air temperature, humidity and VOC to reduce indoor moisture and mould and keep the IAQ being dryer, healthier and comfortable.

  • O2VENT Positive Pressure Fresh Air Ventilation System
  • O2VENT Energy Recovery Ventilation( ERV)  System.

We focus on to help New Zealanders getting a healthier, dryer, warmer home by proving excellent products and passionate services.

We focus on Indoor Air Quality