EFFI Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Swimming pool activities provide fun, great exercise opportunities and health benefits for the whole family, especially for those with children.
A heating swimming pool will extend your swimming season up to six months or all year round for indoor pool. Using swimming pool heat pumps as pool heaters is the cheapest and the most energy efficient method of and will substantially reduce your pool running costs.

We offer free consulting service to suit your need! With our imported pool heat pumps, we provide full installation and technical support service such as pump maintenance.

We believe that there are many benefits of having heated swimming pools:

  • happier and healthier families’ times;
  • kids have less time with electronics;
  • socializing with your family and friends at any time of the day;
  • and longer swimming season to maintain fitness and relieve stress.


  • Modern reliable design: All black plastic shell case fit your gardens view perfectly
  • Multi types: From 7.0KW to 25KW heating capacity, combination of multi units is the best way for commercial use
  • Quiet: Even quieter than circulation pump
  • Efficient: Extract the heat energy from circumjacent air, it consumes 1kW to produce about 5kW heat energy
  • Environment friendly: It uses environment friendly refrigerant R410
  • Economy: Energy saving rate is close to 80%
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Reliable and durable: plastic shell case, top quality compressor and heat exchanger

Specification (Vertical Models)

Heating Capacity (KW)
Suitable Pool Size (m^3)
pool1 KS120 (1 Phase) 12.0 30-45
KS150 (1 Phase) 14.5 45-60
KS200s (1 Phase) 19.5 60-75
KS200 (3 Phase) 19.5 60-75
KS250 (3 Phase) 24.3 75-90

Specification (Horizontal Models)

Heating Capacity (KW)
Suitable Pool Size (m^3)
pool2 KS70 (1 Phase) 7.0 <15
KS90 (1 Phase) 9.0 15-30

Product Brochures

Vertical Model PDF
Horizontal Model PDF